Bicycle accidents and heavy traffic

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Bicycle Accidents |

Many bicyclists prefer to ride on quieter roads with few hills, but some have no choice but to maneuver through various obstacles and ride in challenging environments. Many bicyclists live in urban areas, which can bring a number of concerns with respect to bicyclist safety. Heavy traffic can be particularly worrisome and has played a role in a lot of fatal bike accidents. Some people do not own a vehicle and have no choice but to bike to work, while others may do so for environmental reasons or as a way to get exercise. It is pivotal to be very cautious while riding a bicycle in heavy traffic, but even the most careful bicyclists may become involved in an accident.

Riding a bike in heavy traffic can be tough for many reasons. For one, other drivers may behave erratically, switching lanes abruptly, speeding or failing to look out for others on the road. With more vehicles on the road, there are more opportunities for things to go wrong, and many bicyclists are struck by drowsy, intoxicated or distracted drivers. Moreover, bicyclists may encounter certain sections of the road where traffic is especially congested or dangerous for some other reason (such as a steep hill or sharp turn).

If you were struck by a vehicle in an area that sees heavy traffic, you may be going through many different hardships. The accident may have left you seriously hurt, and you may have decided to give up bicycling altogether. However, you should not overlook some of the legal options that may be able to help you move forward.