Pair of accidents kill Stanislaus County bicyclist

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Bicycle Accidents |

California is focused on making everything environmentally friendly. It’s an enlightened attitude that helps protect all the living things in the Golden State as the economy expands. So, bicyclists often find it ironic that their modes of transportation are not well-accommodated on many streets and roads in and around Southern California.

Biking can pose a serious danger to its enthusiasts who ride near cars and trucks. The lack of protection that bicycles afford to riders can mean even a low-speed collision is a potentially lethal hazard. Injuries may be severe for the survivors of collisions as well.

A bicyclist died after a tragic pair of events in Turlock that began with an accident while he took an evening ride. The victim was heading south through an intersection when an eastbound car driven by an 18-year-old struck him from the side. Investigators are still studying the circumstances of the collision.

An ambulance was en route with the cyclist to a hospital in Modesto when it was also hit in the side by a pickup truck as it passed through an intersection three miles from the first crash site. The ambulance rolled over and the cumulative trauma was too much for the victim to survive. Emergency workers who were also injured still attempted life-saving measures at the scene despite their wounds.

The victims of bicycle accidents and the survivors of crash fatalities may have a case to seek financial damages in civil court. An attorney may be able to advise what actions you can take to protect your right to pursue a claim. Legal representation can be very helpful after a tragic bicycle accident.