Workers outside may have higher risks of injuries

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Los Angeles is full of dangers for people just moving around the city and its surroundings. This is especially true for bicyclists and pedestrians, who are less protected in a city built for cars and other vehicles. Another group at higher risk is people for whom work is outside.

What are the workplaces that bring people outside into risky situations?

Any job that brings the human body near fast-moving vehicles or machines that have the capacity to cause serious trauma is one that should have safety management. This includes bicycle messengers, construction specialists, caseworkers, delivery drivers and other similar professions.

What should workers do in the case of an injury?

California is a no-fault state in the case of workers’ compensation claims, which means employers do not have to prove who or what caused the accident and employees have to prove simply that an injury was connected to work. Therefore, reporting the injury properly is vital.

Does help come right away?

Insurers have 90 days to deny a claim if they believe the policy does not apply to an injury, but they are generally responsible for up to $10,000 in medical expenses up to that denial. Workers should not be left with injuries or illnesses and no means to pay for their treatments.

What if workers have to sue people who caused injuries?

Employers may be able to help. In many cases, employers are the ones who have to sue. An attorney can help the victims of serious injuries work out their legal options after an injury or after the denial of a claim.