California company works to reduce brain injuries in football

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A bicycle messenger is struck by a driver looking the other direction. A construction worker is below a crane when its load slips from its ropes. A slip-and-fall in a grocery store causes a shopper to hit their head on a counter. These are just some of the ways a person could receive a brain injury.

The last few years have seen a lot of recrimination in the sports industry about the possibility of brain injuries affecting large numbers of players. Football, with its brute force tactics and hard hits during plays, has received a lot of scrutiny, with some questioning the future existence of the sport.

One California innovator has a plan to reduce the dangers to football players with lighter helmets. His theory is that the extra weight of regulation helmets actually do more damage, reduce mobility and add force to collisions.

The experimental replacement helmet has been designed with materials also used in motor racing and fighter jet helmets. The creator also claims an alloy in the face mask makes it twice as strong and half as heavy.

One of the leading producers of current football helmets is the defendant in several lawsuits brought by professional and collegiate players who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Many alleged victims are still feeling the effects of playing football years after hanging up their cleats.

The victims of traumatic brain injuries from a variety of causes may have a case for financial damages to assist with recovery. An attorney may help review these options and preparing a lawsuit for filing.