San Diego plans operations to keep bicyclists safe

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Bicycle Accidents |

Bicycles are a big part of California life. This is especially true in the cities and larger towns, where congestion and gas prices combined with manageable distances have driven many people to start using two-wheeled foot-powered transports.

But the lack of protection afforded to cyclists by their rides makes collisions less of an inconvenience and more of a matter of life and death. Bikers rely on proper infrastructure and law enforcement to maintain the expectation of safety.

San Diego is one of the cities in the Golden State reckoning with more bicycles on the road. This is also an issue as electric bikes and electric scooters also become more popular and clog sidewalks and streets. The “birthplace of California” is planning an upcoming focus on safety enforcement to keep bicyclists and pedestrians safe.

Speeding drivers and drivers who make illegal turns are of specific concern, as their reaction times are shorter to stop a disaster. Failures to stop at stop signs or yield for pedestrians are also being ticketed or prosecuted by San Diego police officers during the enforcement operation.

Many drivers do not know they can only pass bicycles on the road if they can clear them by three feet or more on the side. Some states even mandate four feet. This law must be socialized more among drivers in the Golden State.

Victims of bicycle accidents may have a case for financial damages if they are required to help with recovery from trauma or loss of income. An attorney can help victims and their families work out these possibilities.