Boxer claims company caused his traumatic brain injury

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Brain Injury |

There are two main types of injuries that one person can inflict on another. The first is a willful injury through physical violence, in which a person directly intends to harm another. Perpetrators of violence often face criminal charges for the consequences of these acts. They may also face civil consequences if their victims or the family members of victims sue.

Negligence is usually the cause of most other injuries — and injuries caused by negligence can sometimes present more difficult legal questions regarding who is really responsible. When an act of negligence causes a serious injury or permanent disability, the victim or his or her family may seek financial damages in civil court — even though no crime has been committed.

For example, a boxer in Los Angeles is claiming that an entertainment company acted with negligence when it scheduled three fights that may have led to the boxer’s traumatic brain injury. The fighter had begun a promising career with seven knockouts when he was abruptly forced to complete a contractual obligation to fight again — even though he was ill at the time.

The plaintiff says that he was not given medical clearance to be in the ring, which is a standard in the boxing industry. He is claiming that injuries from the forced fights led to a brain hemorrhage which apparently still causes seizures and problems with his sensory perception. The lawsuit seeks financial damages related to treatment as well as punitive damages.

People suffering from brain injuries that were caused by other people’s willful or negligent acts should seek out an experienced attorney’s advice about their rights to compensation. The consequences of a brain injury can last a lifetime — and it takes money to provide the victims and their families with the things they need to survive.