Safety tips for riding on Saint Patrick’s Day

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Most Americans celebrate this holiday the same way as the others — by consuming alcohol. However, Saint Patrick’s Day, in particular, tends to revolve more around drinking than the exchange of gifts. If those celebrating the holiday make poor decisions while under the influence, the roads can become very dangerous.

Cyclists and drivers alike should, therefore, exercise extreme caution before hitting the roads. Here are a few tips that can help keep you and your friends stay out of trouble on the 17th.

Be bold

One way to be both fun and safe is to boldly embrace the holiday’s aesthetic. Deck out your bike in green, wear a green helmet or put green streamers on your handlebars to stick out.

This will increase your visibility, helping vehicles keep a safe distance from you.

Bring several locks

If you will be drinking, it’s a good idea to bring a few different bike locks. This way, you can secure the bike’s frame along with its wheels, so that none of the parts can be stolen off of it if you need to call for a taxi home.

Don’t bike between bars

Saint Patty’s Day bar crawls are normally bountiful on this holiday. But, if you plan on participating, don’t bicycle between bars. In addition to risking a CUI (Cycling under the influence traffic violation), you could also get into an accident with a vehicle or a pedestrian if your judgment is impaired.

While it’s okay to bike to a gathering while sober, stay off of your bicycle if you will be drinking.

Stay away from bars

If you will be biking on Saint Patrick’s Day for reasons not related to the holiday, such as commuting to and from work, doing an errand or getting in some exercise, stay away from drinking establishments. While a drunk driver could be anywhere, your odds of getting into an accident are higher near bars.

Be prepared

On the holidays, it’s safest to stay put — off of your bicycle and outside of your automobile. However, that’s not always practical. If you’ll be out an about on Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s important to understand that this day comes with an increased risk for accidents — especially in the evening.

Be prepared to handle an accident by wearing the appropriate safety equipment, keeping your cellphone on your person and knowing who to call when trouble strikes. Cohen Law Partners are dedicated to helping injured bicyclists when an accident brings harm to this community.