7 reasons biking is changing city life

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2018 | Bicycle Accidents |

The rise in popularity of cycling has transformed city life for thousands of people in many age brackets.

As it grows more and more common, especially in places like Los Angeles where the cycling season is long and the weather is beautiful, it is important for all of these new cyclists to know what the practice can do for them.

Here are some of the varied benefits of daily cycling:

  • Cycling cuts costs and saves you money.
  • If you still own a car, cycling even occasionally just takes miles off of your car and keeps the resale value high.
  • Cycling frees up your time because you get a natural workout without going to the gym.
  • Similarly, cycling is an excellent way to stay in shape when you make it a habit and really incorporate it into your life.
  • Statistically, studies show that cycling can actually extend your life. It helps you live longer and keeps you healthy. Some even note that it lowers your odds of certain types of cancer.
  • Cycling allows you to really get to know your neighborhood in a way you just never do in the car.
  • Cycling protects your body, compared to other types of exercise. For instance, while running is very good for you, it is a high-impact type of exercise that can beat up your knees. Cycling lowers the chances of these types of injuries so you can work out more often.

As much as cycling can change your life and the way that you live in the city, it does come with some inherent dangers — especially in traffic.

If you get injured in an accident while on your bike due to a careless driver, you may have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and lost wages. A consultation with an attorney can help you learn more.