What NOT to Do as a Bike Crash Victim

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Bicycle accidents are a harrowing experience for anyone to go through. You may not know at first how badly you’re injured or how much the damages to your bicycle may cost.

It’s a confusing time, but there are some things you absolutely shouldn’t do.

Let’s review:

Don’t Leave the Scene of the Accident

Any time there’s an accident, you should check to see if others need emergency assistance and summon it if necessary. As a bicyclist, it also benefits you to call the police and wait for them to arrive. Otherwise, you may be charged with leaving the scene.

Don’t Take the Blame

Any kind of statement you make to the driver or others involved in the accident can be used against you later. Aside from getting the driver’s insurance and contact information, plus contact details from witnesses, you should only speak to the police.

Don’t Leave the Bicycle Behind

Even if the bicycle is completely totaled, do not leave it at the scene. Take a photo of it and the surrounding area. The damage to the bicycle helps establish the nature of the accident as well as the potential repair or replacement costs.

Don’t Publicize the Event

Any comment you make on social media can destroy your case. No matter whether the comment is vague or intended to be funny, it could be admissible in court. It’s best to discuss the accident only with your closest family and your lawyer.

Don’t Assume You’re Okay

It can be a relief to feel like you’ve walked away from an accident without a scratch. Still, you should see a doctor as soon as you can. Even a light impact to the head can cause a concussion, and the symptoms may not arise for several days or even weeks.

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