Bicycle Accident Statistics for California

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When a bicyclist is in an accident with a motorist, it’s the bicyclist who’s in the most danger – and in California, the stakes can be high. California leads the nation in cycling activity, but it’s also packed with some of the most dangerous places to ride a bike.

Not surprisingly, Los Angeles is one of them.

Unfortunately, much of the rest of the state poses serious risks, too. A 2014 report commissioned by the Governors Highway Safety Association showed that when it comes to cyclist safety, California is extremely dangerous.

These were among the report’s most troubling bicycle accident statistics:

· California leads the nation in cyclist deaths, with 338 collision deaths from 2010-2012.

· During that same period, California’s cyclist fatalities rose from 23 to 123.

· California had the most cyclists killed of any state in 2012.

· Cyclist traffic deaths increased 16 percent during the study period.

· More than 2,000 cyclists were killed nationwide during the study period.

· Bicyclist deaths account for twice as many motor vehicle deaths in California than the national average – 4 percent versus 2 percent.

· Just six states accounted for more than 50 percent of all cycling fatalities studied. They were California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Michigan and Texas.

· 84 percent of fatalities were adults aged 20 or older. And 74 percent of fatalities were adult males.

· Failure to wear a helmet was an extraordinarily significant contributor to death: The majority of cyclists fatally injured in 2012 were not wearing a helmet.

You Need a Los Angeles Bicycle Attorney in Your Phone

In any given year, the vast majority of cyclists successfully share the road with motorists. Still, these bicycle accident statistics point to an uncomfortable reality: Even the most conscientious cyclists need to protect themselves by keeping the name of a bicycle accident lawyer close at hand.

A hit-and-run bicycle accident can take place in a matter of seconds. Some motorists might flee the scene rather than take responsibility – leaving the bicyclist without help and potentially in need of emergency care.

Attorney Josh Cohen understands what it’s like out there for cyclists because he is one himself. He’s also a longtime Los Angeles resident who recognizes the challenges cyclists face and helps them with the legal expertise to protect their rights.

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