Head Injury Signs After a Car Accident

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One of the most serious consequences of any car accident is the potential for a head injury. During a car accident, even a brief impact to the head can cause severe complications. At the time, victims may not even realize the severity of their condition.

No matter what the circumstances of an accident may be, the first thing to do is assess whether anyone needs medical attention. The first few minutes after an accident can be crucial in making sure a driver or passenger’s condition does not deteriorate before help arrives.

After any auto accident, be on the lookout for these signs:

Dizziness and Difficulty Walking

Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms that may indicate a concussion. Victims may be physically disoriented and find it difficult to balance, walk, or even stand still. If the victim is not experiencing any leg or back pain, then head trauma becomes a more likely explanation.

Blurred or Double Vision

Blurred vision can point to a variety of serious problems, including internal bleeding. A person does not need to have visible head injuries or external bleeding to suffer from this problem. Even if vision issues resolve quickly, seeking medical assistance is essential.

Memory Impairment

Even when no injury takes place, the immediate aftermath of an accident can be hard to remember. However, impairment of long-term memory – inability to give one’s name or other basic facts, for example – can be an early indicator of traumatic brain injury.

Seek Medical Attention as Soon as Possible After Any Accident

Following a car accident, there are important steps a driver can take to protect his or her legal rights, including calling the police and getting information from witnesses. That said, nothing is more important than ensuring the well-being and safety of all involved.

Auto accident injury can take several days to present obvious symptoms. Because of this, anyone who has sustained any impact to the head – no matter how serious or light – should seek medical attention quickly. The sooner help is rendered, the better the overall prognosis.

Getting medical help can also assist one’s car injury lawyer in any future court cases. Doctors can assess injuries and provide treatment recommendations that help establish the costs associated with the accident. This is crucial for protecting one’s rights, so seek both medical attention and legal counsel right away.

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